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Complete Lummus Gin plant with capacity to gin 25 bales per hour.
Used Cotton Gin For Sale
Gin For Sale.

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This Gin is ideally suited to be exported to any cotton growing location. It is one of the most highly demandable gins in the World and found in all the major cotton ginning countries. It can be reconfigured to suit any location and conditions. Contact for details

Lummus Gin Plant

Lummus Gin Machinery

Lummus Gin Stands

Lummus Gin Stands and Feeders

Entire Factory

Selling entire T B Gin Factory

Lummus Gin with Universal Density Press

Lummus gin with UD press



Lummus 108

Lummus 128

Lummus 158

Lummus Cotton Machinery

Lummus for sale

Lummus Gin

Lummus Press

Lummus Used


Lummus Georgia

Lummus USA

T B Gins

Used Lummus






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Selling a complete working used T B Gin


Full Details available upon request

Can dismatle and Load into Containers for Export

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